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06-13-2009, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post

I don't think cardio training needs to be "hockey specific." Cardio training should be straining your heart and lungs, not training your feet to be quicker or your skating muscles to be stronger. You're just trying to increase the amount of time you can skate hard, battle for the puck, etc...
I am currently doing what I can while I heal up a torn bicep and have been going to public skating. While public skating is very boring I make sure I do lap after lap endlessly without a break. The first hour has my legs pretty much used up and then they Zamboni the ice after which they switch direction for another hour. Again I go nonstop for that whole hour at a steady pace and by the time I am done feel like I played an hour of actual hockey.

I've always been very athletic and have always had great stamina. I really wish I had an exercise bike at home because I would ride that a lot.

Staying in hockey shape while you are forced to not be able to play is really proving to be really tough. Staying focused mentally to stay in shape and get lazy has been tough because public skating is extremely EXTREMELY boring.

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