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Originally Posted by MK7117 View Post
I'm about 6'2 over 200. I'm really strong. Should I get a flex thats lower in the 80's or should i get like in the 100, I have been using eastons for last 3 years. All of them in the 100 flex zone, and they always seem to break. What kind of really expensive stick would you people recommend? And please tell me what a "lie" means. I never understand when it says the "lie" on a stick. Please give me some feedback. Thanks
Are you snapping them in two on slappers/faceoffs etc or are they just randomly breaking? If it's the first, you might need a 110 or so flex. Lie just refers to the angle at which the blade extends from the shaft. Lower lie looks more like an L, better if you care the puck out farther in front of you.

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