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Originally Posted by MistaWrista View Post
I really wanna try the Tabata thing with thrusters but I'm worried it would wreck me for hockey the next day. How much time should you allow for recovery, 24, 48 hrs?
I've been looking around for you but all I see our people talking about how they feel immediately after, never how long it took to recover.

I would leave 48hrs the first time, just in case, then adjust after experiencing the workout. I can't see it taking that long for you to recover though, unless you are out of shape.

I presume you read the T-Nation article and so you know to go light?

Also, I found this on another forum and it emphazises the amount of effort you need to put in. This brings up one other thing, most people count how many reps they manage to do per interval. The lowest number of reps is your score for the day. Good luck with your training and please share how it goes!

Tabata Squat Thrusts


I had tried my first Tabata workout with squat thrusts the other noght, and it wa s darned easy ... not what I expected. I managrd 8 squat thrusts per 20 second interval, and I was barely winded by the end of the four minutes. This meant:

B. I was working too slow.
C. I needed to add weight.
D. Squat thrusts are an inferior exercise for Tabata workouts.

Tonight, I tested theory B. I managed ten squat thrusts per exercise, even eleven during one interval. Well, I wanted to vomit when I was done. Pouring sweat, and sucking wind... This is the glory of Tabata about which I have heard!

So now, I think I'll do this workout twice per week! In terms of my theories above, C.) adding weight doesn't seem practicle or safe, and D.) squat thrusts are a good exercise, utilizing the legs, arms, and core.

As far as theory A is concerned, well, I'm getting there!!!:

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