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06-14-2009, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by PatTraverse View Post
Ask Détroit fans if they were satisfied with Hossa during these playoffs and they will pretty much all tell you no and i agree with them.I mean did you watch any Wings game before the finals?You should know that stats don't always tell the whole story yet you come here saying "Look guys!Hossa had quite a few points so obviously he must have been good!".

The guy is a scorer yet he only scored in each game 4 before the finals.When it got tough during the playoffs Hossa was nowhere to be found and instead support players like Franzen, Cleary, Samuelsson ect had to pick up the slack.

It's no wonder the Wings lost game 6 and 7, the support players stopped scoring and more than ever they needed their stars to shine but they failed to deliver and that includes Hossa.

Also about Crosby and his production in the finals, it's true that he did very little but he carried his team during parts of the playoffs.Remember the first two games in the Washington series?Only Crosby produced and after a while the other players saw what he was doing and followed him.
He still tried. Before the finals, he was getting chances and he still set players up with nice passes to give them a chance to score. Even with a bad playoff for him, he still got 15 points. Did you forget last year where he had 26 points in 20 games ? Yeah, come playoff time Hossa is nothing but a support player. Get real and stop basing arguments over one year only.

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