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06-14-2009, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
A groin pull has nothing to do with being in shape or not. I don't know how much the training staff had to do with this one (not much is my guess), but a groin pull is just an injury that takes a damn long time to heal, especially for a hockey player since hockey requires so much core strength and flexibility.

I think Briere was unlucky to get that abdominal injury and then may have rushed to come back (every player is going to want to come back early) and picked up the groin problem.

I think the onus is on the medical staff to keep Briere from coming back until he's 100% healthy, that's their frickin job. I find it at least suspicious that Briere got a clean bill of health from the staff and then picks up an extremely similar injury in his first or second game back.
I'm not pointing at you on this, I agree, but it's funny how Briere's groin injuries was all his fault this year, for the most part (the sane people knew there was likely a mistake), but when Simon Gagne got hurt and played like a corpse after that Devils game everyone was willing to give him the rest of the season to work out his game when he clearly was not ready (since Karel Rachunek gave him another concussion). "Oh he needs time."

Briere gets ripped even though he was put on the 4th line and didn't complain, admitted that he needed to get through a certain stretch of games before he felt he would be up to his standards, and then did nothing but produce when he was put with Claude Giroux. But most people here wouldn't give him the time of day it seems.

Interesting how it works.

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