Thread: News Article: NHL 10 worst contracts.. Briere #6
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06-14-2009, 12:35 PM
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It's pretty damn easy to pop stitches if you're exerting yourself and doing things, like, you know playing hockey. It's one thing if the stitches are on a static area (like your face), completely different thing when they're on moving parts.

Concussions: doctors, not trainers, are responsible for treating head injuries. A trainer is not trained to figure out if a brain is healthy, and doctors don't even fully understand concussions. These guys are trainers, not neurologists.

Groin injuries: common problem and there's little the trainer can do other than ask the guy how its feeling. If the guy says it feels good, then you have to trust him. They're tough injuries to come back from because skating is applying all that pressure on the groin.

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