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Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
Under the cap system, if a player is overpaid now, it simply means the team has less flexibility to sign another player, who may sign with another team. As a collective, the players' salaries are tied to league revenues, but it doesn't prevent individual players from being signed above "market" value. It just means that either another player has to may have to sign for under market value, or that the players as a whole have to repay the league by the amount over the prescribed percentage of HRR they're collectively to recieve.

This doesn't help bailout individual GM's who've made idiotic signings, or prevent agents from using said idiotic signings in negotiations. All it means is that players salaries as a whole can't go over a certain pecentage of HRR, no matter how stupid teams are.

Whether you like Bettman and cap system or not, it is not designed to make managing a hockey team idiot proof - it simply prevents other managers from making it impossible for other teams to compete.
I can swear that it was claimed that the whole point of the exercise was to make the system "idiot proof". And given there are so many idiots running things that clearly is necessary.

Mind you the problem is

Mind you Gary also claimed that it would result in lower ticket prices (which thanks to the recession/depression) seems to be working in a number of markets albeit several years down the road.

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