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Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Yeah, because you keep putting words in other peoples mouth?
I did no such thing. You wrote this: "His linemates do all the work (Lapierre) and he just has to tap it in. Many times he fans on his chances, or else he would have even more goals." Direct quote.

So if Lapierre does all the work and Lats just has to tap-in (and according to you, he often flubs), doesn't that make Lapierre an excellent playmaker? And don't my questions make sense in that context, whether Lapierre can pass or not?

Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Lapierre played better hockey then Latendresse and he benefitted fully from being his line partner this past season. Lapierre would probably get more assists this season (I can't say for the unforseen future) if he played with a winger that would get those easy tap-ins that Latendresse missed.
Isn't that saying exactly what you accused me of putting into your mouth.

Lapierre plays better hockey than Latendresse? Unfortunately for you, the facts on record tend to disagree with your observation. I think we have observer bias at work, here...

I notice you haven't explained why Kostopulos has less than half the goal-scoring as Latendresse while playing with Lapierre. Lapierre should be doing "all the work" for Kostopoulos as well, right? And why they didn't put a better goal-scorer than Latendresse to better benefit from Lapierre's potential assists. After all, surely the Habs have someone who can bury more of those "easy tap-ins", right?

Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Latendresse is near the net, but does it do it effectively?
He's the second-best goal-scorer on the team. He must be doing something effectively.

This is why your "Latendresse often fans on Lapierre's chances" comment makes no sense. Somehow, despite his purported finishing incompetence, he managed to outscore everyone on the team not named Tanguay at even-strength. And he managed to pot more goals for his icetime than Milan Lucic and Ryan Getzlaf did.

Lapierre must be providing Lats with as many chances than Joe Thornton would, for him to whiff "often" and still get that many goals.

Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Latendresse's goal rate has gone up because he has grown more confident and he has benefitted from improvements from himself and from Maxim Lapierre. Are you telling me that it's Latendresse who made Lapierre better this season?
Offensively? Lapierre actually was not better offensively than last season. His assist rate actually went down, and his goal-scoring rate went up but not as much. He improved defensively, though, so I'm not worried about him -- he is a defensive forward after all, unlike Latendresse.

Latendresse's goal-scoring rate went up between 07-08 and 08-09, but it was still very high last season (he was actually above Plekanec's and Kostitsyn's, and near Kovalev's). Latendresse being a good goal-scorer is not some new development that we can thank Lapierre for; Latendresse has been scoring goals at a high rate ever since he's been in the NHL.

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that Latendresse's offense drastically improved in 08-09 and you are crediting his linemates for it, particularly Lapierre. The reality is that while Latendresse's numbers went up, consistently with an improving young player, there wasn't some dramatic upsurge that you could latch on some external factor like Lapierre.

He's just been steadily improving from his excellent rookie numbers -- not bad considering the rest of the team's scoring went down.

Besides, I distinctly remember that line's offensive production going down significantly when Lats was injured. Lapierre is a very good defensive forward, but let's not pretend he's driving offense on his line when he clearly is not. There's a reason Latendresse outproduces him.

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