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06-14-2009, 07:08 PM
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It's a no win situation potentially. His market value is elevated because he played in Montreal. If he played for the Islanders, nobody would even know his name.

I think Chara led the league in hits when he played for the Islanders, remember. The only reason anyone knew of him at the time was because of his height. It was a surprise that he had that many hits to a lot of people I talked to at the time. I knew because I saw him play on Long Island (along with Berard, who was ostracized because of his risky style at the time).

I'd love to have him back for the right price and I also wish him luck at finding the right contract for him. It's a business too. But look at the contract Alfie took. Look at some of the Red Wing contracts. If you want to win, you have to sacrifice a bit. In the long run, he would get this money back and more perhaps if he stays in Montreal for his proper value at the moment.

Hockey in Montreal is not like hockey on Long Island or elsewhere. But there's a trade-off no matter what he does. We have excellent depth right now. If we can add someone via UFA, then we can be a contender. But we don't have draft position to do that. So it will all depend on a trade or UFA for us.

So, he can sign for the Islanders or whomever and get a couple extra mil over the longterm of the contract that he'd likely get down the road if he stayed here anyway, and have his role elevated. Or he can get comparable money and stay in the proper role for his style and excel and continue to develop into that elite shut-down guy he has the potential to be.

He's a smart guy, I'm sure he'll make the right choice.

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