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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I shoot slapshots wicked hard and rarely if ever break blades. I swear by the fact that when one has good mechanics sticks won't break as often.

I play a lot and often go out to outdoor ice rinks and bring my goal cage to shoot at when there are not enough people to play a game and have yet to break a composite blade that way and I am talking 50 to 60 slapshots a sessions when practicing shooting among other shots too.

I broke one blade this year on a one timer I caught too much of the toe on and cracked the blade, it was also a flutter puck wobbler type deal.

I think you are breaking your blades like a baseball player breaks bats by hitting the ball too far at the end of the bat. Maybe you are hitting the puck in the wrong place on the blade.

My puck marks are between the middle and the heel of the blade, where are yours when you look at your tape wear?

Oh by the way your lie depends on how long your stick is and how your skating style is. If you are hunched over closer to the ice or are a more upright skater. the dude above explained what a lie was so read that too.

Your flex should be half of your body weight but that varies on what style you are of a player. A more finesses player who dishes saucer passes more and likes to take wristshots and be a fancy Dan fiddle diddler may want a lower flex whilce a pile driver slapshot machine or Dman may want a stiffer flex.

I am 235 and try to use 110+ if i can find them on the shelves. The bauer Supreme seems to be available at most stores in the pro flex which is up over 100 and also comes in a longer stick length than many other stock sticks. i am about 6 ft 4 inches and would actually have to cut some off the end which increases the flex by the way.

If you bought an 87 flex stick and cut about 2 to 4 inches off of it you would end up with a 100 flex if that would not be too short of a stick for you that is.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll definitely consider what you said.

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