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10-11-2004, 01:07 AM
Jon Burke
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North America Ice Hockey League (NAIHL)

Hey guys, some of you probably know me. I've created a number of fantasy leagues in my day, some of which were successful, others which bombed out. I think that although I've been partly to blame for some of the failures, it's also important that I get a good group of people to support me and work with me. Therefore for starters, I'd like to say I'm looking for people to help me run this league. I'd like to install a few people as moderators to help me keep the draft threads up to date and I want a few people to serve on the trades committee, which reviews trades. I also will need player agents, and these guys have to be willing to be completely unattached to any team, otherwise there is a danger of favoritism. If you're willing to help out, do let me know. You can only get as much out of this league as you put into it.

All that aside, this league will see a trio of fantasy drafts help you put together your team and coaching staff. There will be an NHLers fantasy draft to put together your main roster. Only skaters who have played more than 50 NHL games (or in the case of goalies, 25 games) are eligible to be drafted in this draft. This draft will be 30 rounds long and in the rather typical zig-zag draft order. Then there is a prospects fantasy draft. Only skaters with less than 50 games of NHL experience (or in the case of goalies, less than 25 games of NHL experience) are eligible. The 2004 entry draft eligible prospects may also be taken. There will be 15 rounds and again it will be in a zig-zag draft order. I will do up a random draft order for the NHLers draft, then reverse it for the prospects draft to achieve balance. The third draft is the coaches draft, which will be 5 rounds long (although teams only need to make a minimum of 3 picks). The order for this draft will be determined by the order of which you sign up. It won't be zig-zag, unless if there is any objections. Only coaches who are active or who have coached at any level in the past three years are eligible. You may draft AHL or CHL coaches, but you may not draft a coach who is dead or who hasn't coached in five years or something. This is a fantasy league but seeing as I'm going to be putting in "motivation" to get the best coaching staff you can, I figure we might as well take this draft seriously as well.

A feature that I have not noticed in many drafts is that this league with have team "owners". Owners decide how much power that they give to their GMs and Assistant GMs, but their primary responsibilities are to hire and fire personnel (GMs and Ass't GMs), to move a franchise if they so desire, to approve the GM's signings, to develop a "team plan" (i.e. a direction they want to take with the team - some teams might want a cost-effective contender, others to rebuild) and to negotiate any contract extensions they have to do with their GM and Ass't GM. Owners will need to submit their team plan and have a GM and two assistant GMs in place in order to have their application to be a part of the league accepted by myself.

General Managers still have much of the same power. They should help the owner get assistant GMs. They also will make all transactions and run all drafts for their organization. They also will negotiate new contracts with their coaches and assistant coaches. They can decide how much power they give to their assistants. They will negotiate with the owner to get the salary they want when their contract expires. In order to be approved into the league, GMs have to have two assistants in place.

Assistant General Managers will only have as much power as their GM will give them. But their primary role is to advise the GM. However, some GMs may decide it to be wise to spread the power and allow them to draft and make trades. Like GMs, assistant GMs will have to negotiate with the owner to get the salary they want when their contract runs out.

Player agents should be completely independant of any teams. If you want to run a team, this job is not for you. Agents will not only negotiate contracts for players, but will be responsible to represent coaches and assistant coaches. They should not be afraid to play hard ball and use all the bullets in their gun to get their way. There will be arbitration, players can hold out and UFAs can test the market, so I urge you that if you want to be a player agent you have to be willing to play it tough. These guys are needed to make the league work so please be one if you can.

If you want in, you should be sure to sign up at the forum, I'll provide the link later when I explain the rules in greater detail.

There are two salary caps. There is a cap of $50M which will be expected to cover the contracts of GMs, Ass't GMs, coaches and assistant coaches as well as the players. There is also an individual player cap of $11M but that shouldn't affect you much as no player makes more than that anyways. There is also a $10M farm cap to prevent people from stacking their farm. Further impeding this sort of thing is the fact that there is a $2M player cap of farm players. The $50M cap applies to your 23 man roster only, and will only be checked up on prior to opening night of the season. After that, it will only be checked on when you do trades. So if there is an injury and you call up someone, you will not have to worry about going over the cap.

There's so much more I should cover, but I've overloaded you guys already. I'll just say one more thing that it will be a league based on NHL 2004 for PC. NHL 2004 has much better adaptability than 2005 as I can easily create players and edit their ratings. And we're just simming so the graphics don't really matter. The ratings are out of date, but I'll just request that you guys send me some rating "recommendations" when you finalize your roster prior to opening night.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll have questions, and I have other stuff to discuss in greater detail, but I've got most of the major stuff covered for now. I'll answer any questions you have via PM or you can even add me to your MSN @ Or just post them here. Thanks for checking this thread out and I hope it sounds cool!

Here's the link to the forum, it's not even close to ready, but I might as well give you keeners the link...