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06-15-2009, 09:40 AM
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One95 VS 10k


This is not a "which stick is better" thread. I have a bunch of One95s (tried it out when it first hit the market, felt it was the best stick I'd ever used, bought a few more and have been playing with it exclusively since) and I love them. I think they have the best feel of any stick on the market. In the couple of years prior to picking up the One95 I had used some Easton Stealth and SL Grips, a CCM Vector 10.0, some Vapor XXXXs and a One90. When I got my first One95 it was a revelation; it was the start of my final year of college hockey and it ended up being my "career year" by miles. Can't give all the credit to the stick but there was certainly a comfort with the One95 that I'd never felt before and it helped my game (even if it was only a placebo on my confidence).

So here's the question:

I hear everyone raving about the new RBK 10k. Last night I went to play some late night pickup and one of the guys I skated with all night was using one and said it was his first time playing with it and he was loving it. Its a stick I've looked at a bunch of times and have been intrigued by. I haven't seen it in ANY local proshops, unfortunately, which means if I wanted to try one, I'd have to order it online (the guy who had one last night was a lefty so I couldn't try his - his other stick happens to be a One95 as well). My question is, for anyone who has had the chance to try both sticks, how do they compare, feel wise? I like the feel of the concave shaft on the One95. Is the 10k anything like this or is it a more traditional, convex (for lack of a better description) feel in the hands? How's the balance of the stick? Similar to the One95? Really I just want to know if anyone else has had the chance to play with both and how you thought they stacked up to one another. If you can, compare the 10k to the One95 and the XXXX; I'd like to know which it feels more like.

Basically, I'd love to try the 10k, but I'm not going to waste the money ordering one if it's not even going to come close to the One95 (for me). I love the One95 and have no NEED to change sticks; more like a need to satisfy my curiousity about the 10k. Any thoughts from a player who knows the One95 and the 10k are welcome; just trying to do a little research before I go wasting more cash.

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