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06-15-2009, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MillerFan1 View Post
Its easy for us fans to say yea trade down because TSN and CSB rank him around 23-28 but sometimes if you like a guy that much you just take the gamble on him at your pick. There could be someone just behind you who feels the same way and grabs him from you.

Its really hard to say, but for us fans its easy to say trade down and grab a few more picks. In real life, sometimes it isn't that easy.
Agreed. Regier/Devine keep saying that they talent drops off after around the 10 pick. If they have Kreider listed in their top 10, they should pick him regardless of how TSN/ISS or whoever has him (same for Kassian or Leblanc or whoever). If none of their top 10 guys are available when their pick comes up, sure trade down if possible.

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