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06-15-2009, 11:44 AM
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I just pretty much picked up playing at 20. Live in the south so rinks are rare and I basically just would do public skates every few years if even that. Never did roller hockey other than rarely as a child in the street. Been 6 months and I find myself doing very well on the ice especially with skating. It is pretty easy to pickup just try and go to some public skates when ya can, stick n pucks. I waited till I had a pretty good grasp on the doin the basics then tried some open skates before signin up for a league. Anytime you can get on the ice try to. Best way to get better is by putting in the time. Defanitly was worth startin, kinda all I can think about it seems is when Im gettin back on the ice next. Big yes to it being worth it.

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