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06-15-2009, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by tigidou View Post
c'mon.. The same way people are proud when a local movie makes it at Canne's festival.. Of when Team Canada wins a medal at the Olympics..

It makes you proud to be Canadian or Quebecois (whatever float's your boat)..

You're right, we did not contribute to their success, but this is not really rational.. Tell me you don't feel anything when Team Canada wins at the olympics ? To a smaller scale, it is similar (the concept is the same).
I don't feel anything when team canada wins. Actually I usually cheer against them. I don't get this I'm proud of guys who lived near me stuff either. Why should I care anymore for someone I don't know that lived close to me, than someone I don't know who lived further away? It's the same, it's just a random guy who couldn't care less about you, that you don't know(obviously if you do know them it's different)

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