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06-15-2009, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
Well i havent tried ice skating, I can get used to hitting, i take a million of rugby hit and those are much more painful, I have shot pucks off of those practice ice things... I think i might have skated when i was in grade 3 or so, but right now im in grade 11 so i dont even remember.
I saw that you hadn't skated. Just take my advice on getting comfortable on the ice and you'll be fine. Within a few months you'll be playing ice hockey and glad you started.

As for the hitting, I wasn't really worrying about pain. You have to be able to balance and maneuver on the ice while playing a more physical game than roller. I'm not doubting your toughness but even once you get the fundamentals of ice skating down, the physical play is a different animal and will not only challenge your skating, but be the most tiring aspect of playing ice hockey. Handling the puck while you avoid a check or being able to absorb a hit and keep skating means you have to get pretty good on your skates (which you will; just get started!). As for shooting on the ice practice thingy... that's good, but it's not going to be anything like that on the ice. You have to be able to shoot and handle a moving puck while on skates and moving as well. I know you're used to this from roller, but the puck slides different on ice and your balance is going to be different as well. It will certainly take some adjusting. Don't get frustrated, take your time, enjoy yourself, don't expect to be lighting it up from the get go and make the most of it. Ice hockey IS vastly superior to roller hockey and you will love it once you get some momentum.

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