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Originally Posted by Devulous View Post
I don't feel anything when team canada wins. Actually I usually cheer against them. I don't get this I'm proud of guys who lived near me stuff either. Why should I care anymore for someone I don't know that lived close to me, than someone I don't know who lived further away? It's the same, it's just a random guy who couldn't care less about you, that you don't know(obviously if you do know them it's different)
It's an old concept in the social psychology. You build your self esteem by appropriating the performances of the groups you feel you belong to.

Step 1 - Choose the group you feel you're part of (your family, your city, Québec, Canada, North America, Earth - when we're fighting aliens). Or specific groups like students, parents, heterosexuals, white/black, blond haired, HFboarders etc.

Step 2 - Trace in your mind a clear line that delimits your group (called in-group) and the rest (called the out-group)

Step 3 - Use all sort of realistic or not arguments to prove that the in-group is better then the out-group.

Step 4 - Profit (as in - feel good about yourself)

So - it's normal

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