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06-15-2009, 01:29 PM
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I can't imagine any easy way to make a glove smaller.

I guess one could unstitch something and make it tighter but you need to know how to sew and all that stuff I would think.

I wouldn't bother honestly. Making sure of the fit before buying them was the thing to do.

Not all gloves fit the same as you have found out. I have a pair of CCM 14" gloves and a pair of Easton Stealth gloves at 15" and they both fit the same. Gloves are something I will NOT buy online unless they clearly state returns are accepted if they are unused. I mean I can tell if a glove fits by putting it on while the tags are still on it.

In the old days when gloves were 100% leather you could saok them in hot water and the leather would shrink making them tighter after you let them dry thoroughly. Even throwing them ina clothes dryer back then would work to dry them tight. Maybe you may get enough palm leather to shrink to get your a little smaller but i doubt it would be all that dramatic a change.

With the dryer thing keep in mind if you have foam padding you may compromise or ruin it not to mention the nylon poly material over the foam padding. There isn't much leather in gloves these days.

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