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Originally Posted by Kafka View Post
Crap. No one is asking for a 100% team made of Quebecois. This as stupid as having 2-3 impact players who were borned in the Province. The Oilers and the Flames have/had a load of local players on their roster, and Montreal should focus on the same thing.

In the end, it might change this team to something different than an average one.

So your saying you would rather have local players on the team whether they can play hockey or not instead of having players from BC who can actually play hockey??

I'm some glad your not the GM. That way of thinking is wayyy old fashioned and GM's stopped thinking that way back in the 80's.

GM's are looking for the best players to fill the roster....they aren't worrying about where they are from. If the best UFA centerman is from Quebec then fine, but if there is a better centerman who is from Newfoundland....well he's the one I want my GM to go after.

Get with the times....a team full of frenchies doesn't equal a winning team or a Stanley Cup anymore. It might have back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.....but not anymore.

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