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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I think it comes down to a couple of things, what each player brings relative to his price, and what the team needs will be in the next few years. A 40G scorer taking less than $6 million cap hit is almost unheard of-- and may not happen here, but it seems at least they're talking. Then you look at everyone else. You can't really let Clearly go if you're also potentially losing Sammy and Hudler. Or you swap out Flip with Cleary, but Flip has to move up to the top six as a winger, not a center. The way the team is set up right now... you have Dats, Z, Hossa, Homer, Franzen and Cleary as your bonafide top six forwards. Do you lose Flip to keep Homer, for example, because Flip is a better player? Yet-- you are turning him into a winger, not a center.

1. Who are your top 4 wingers if Hossa leaves?
2. Is Filppula as a third line center being paid too much?
3. If Flip is moved to the top six, who is your third line center?

What does it look like the year after next when Homer, Malts, Draper and Lidstrom appear to be done?

I guess what I'm saying is that the middle/depth/experienced by relatively cheap guys could get squeezed out if you opt to keep the best forward out of the group around, while also having to keep clearly past their prime, and almost gone in one more year guys around-- for one more year.
1. Cleary, Franzen, Hudler, and UFA. If they can't make room for Hossa they will keep Hudler and possibly Sammy too.
2. Filppula could move up to the 2nd line center position and they could put Pavel on his wing. Not optimal but might be worth a try. Those two with Cleary or Franzen could be dynamite.
3. Helm. That's an easy one.

If they think Flip is a 3rd line player then I think they will deal him to make room for Hossa.

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