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06-15-2009, 03:10 PM
Johnny Law
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I have both though I should mention they are pro-stock as the 10k prostock is a bit heavier and more durable.

The 10k has a more squared shaft and fits better in my hands, I'm one of those weird people with bigger palms and shorter fingers so the one95 just felt a little too surgical for me.

Durability wise I haven't had any problems with either, some paint here and there but nothing else. Additionally I didn't notice that one was heavier than the other, though the One95 is probably a smidgen heavier. Balance wise I'd say they both feel pretty amazing though the 10k is a little more blade heavy.

One95 is definitely a shooters stick, you can feel the stick load and fire off shots. It loads pretty quick so snap shots and wristers were good, I've never had a great shot so slappers aren't my thing but they were improved a little.

10K seems to have a much lower kickpoint as I can get shots off even faster than with the One95 additionally the blade seems to be stiffer on the 10k. I prefer the grip material on the 10k too though I imagine each player has a different idea of what the perfect grip materials is.

Overall both are amazing sticks that I can't see too many people not liking however the 10k works better for my game. The blade is stiffer and the kickpoint lower, as I said before I'm not a power shooter so I want a stick that has excellent control and quick loading.

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