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06-15-2009, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Why not?

Look at the trades that MIGHT have happened in any given year (certainly we don't know all of them) if cap space had been something a team could "acquire". How about trades that might not have happened...if we could have traded for cap space we don't unload Scottie Upshall...say, instead, Holmgren sent a draft pick to someone for an extra 2M in cap space for the rest of the season?

1) that helps us out immensely obviously.

2) some team that wasn't using the space now has a pick to help rebuild their team.

Moreover, the way the salary cap works...who has and does not have cap space is completely irrelevant. If the LEAGUE spends more than LEAGUE revenue, then the players owe a portion of their salary back. All this would do is facilitate moving that salary around the league a bit differently.
I'm just curious to see how the market would bear it out. What if a middling draft pick turns out to be worth like $10M? You could potentially see a team icing an $80M+ lineup if they add those extra contracts at the deadline. League revenues would be fine, but the competitive balance would be so skewed. Only a few teams could even think about doing that. You couldn't keep doing that for years, but what if this year's Flyers went out and traded for a top rental at each postion? I have no idea which rentals were available other than JBo, but the idea of a team completely selling the farm for a stacked Cup run is certainly possible. Would you be cool with that?

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