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06-15-2009, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Why unlikely?? You expect him to re-sign there?? ATL doesn't have anybody else, so they can throw ridiculous money at him but for some reason I have little faith in him staying there.

Also, Gainey has always tried to keep himself a margin of around 2M during the season in case certain needs pop up and trades are required. So I'm pretty sure he'll save some cap space.
Sure Gainey keeps himself some in-season margin. But I don't think Kovalchuk will be available, and if he ever is, we're talking more like $8-10M margin for many seasons beyond the trade deadline. That would be a lot of margin.

Anyway, yes, I expect Kovalchuk will sign in Atlanta. Isn't that everybody's default expectation? As you say, they should have the money. All sides make the right sounds. It's just a matter of gettin'er'done. And if the odds of him not signing there are 10-20-30% - pick your number - then I still don't think you hold out cap margin on a hypothetical wish. Take that 30% and divide it by 28 other teams. Or even just 10 teams if all your competitors are capped out and not saving the margin. Your odds of getting him are still too remote to actually formulate plans and budgets around.

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