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06-15-2009, 07:36 PM
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Copied from one of our numerous Hossa threads. I didn't want to dig these numbers up again.

Well, he did pot 40 G, 71 Pts in 3 fewer games than Z. Only Z (31G/73 Pts) and Dats (32 G/97 Pts) had more. ...

Around the NHL, Hossa was tied 5th with several players (Rick Nash included) in Goals scored. Ahead of him: AO, J Carter, Z Parise, and I Kovalchuk. Nash and Hossa were the top goal scorers in the Western Conference. (Interestingly, Heatley scored 39 G in 82 games played.)

Of the goalscoring leaders, only Vanek (tied with Hossa at 40 G) played in fewer games-- one less than Hossa.

As for value to this team? Well, you have to look at who can score for you. The top goal and pts guys are Dats, Z, Hossa and Franzen (34 G/ 59 Pts). After those guys, only Hudler breached the 20 G ceiling, at 23 G.

Hossa had the fewest PPG of the forwards relative to his total (10 goals on the PP, thus 75% at ES).
Franzen had 11 PPG/34 G, or 32% on the PP;
Dats 11/32 = 34%;
Z 12/31 = 38%;
Homer 8/14 = 57%
Sammy 7/19 = 36%;
Hudler 6/23 = 26%

I'll add these guys because they do get some PP time, but the other forward's get the lion's share.
Cleary 3/14 = 21%
Flip 1/12 = 21%

The PP was 25.5% efficient, the highest in the NHL.

Rafalski, Lidstrom and Franzen are ahead of all the other forwards in total pts after Dats, Z, and Hossa. Kronwall has more after Franzen and Hudler are ranked.

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