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Originally Posted by Quagmier View Post
2 things about your post:

1) As popular as the NHL would have you believe it is...its games are still being broadcast nationally across the US on the Outdoor Life Network. Until it has a major TV deal in place, it will never have the air of legitimacy that it did back in the 80s and early 90s.

2) Somebody buying a franchise in order to move it to Canada isn't "being handed a franchise"...its how free markets normally operate. Unfortunately for Ballsilie and the good people of Hamilton, that's not how the NHL works, as it can dictate how its franchises operate to a certain degree. There's a reason the NHL will be hit with an anti-trust lawsuit very shortly, and while you can argue till your blue in the face whether a team in Hamilton is a good thing or not, a willing purchaser of a bankrupt team wanting to move it where he pleases would be acceptable in any other walk of life.

I personally dislike Bettman because of his desire to expand the game into markets that have no business having hockey, only to spin and sabotage any attempt to remove said teams. I won't get into the things he's changed about the game that have upset me (can't blame him for everything I suppose) but trying to turn the NHL into the NBA on skates has been his opus, and a huge failure IMO.
+1 It is very nice to see that there are intelligent hockey fans out there, I couldn't of said it better myself.

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