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06-15-2009, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by habs101 View Post
If losing $300 million dollars since they moved from Winnipeg doesn't prove they are not a viable market, then I don't know what proof you are looking for. You talk about Tampa, Atlanta, etc... do these franchises make money???? Have they made money??? That is the bottom line. The NHL in these markets don't have the corporate support needed to survive, like the other major sports have in these markets. Bettman is not a stupid individual, but he does have a hidden agenda, and I don't know if he is truly representing all the owners, I would love to see the owners vote on this situation, but you can be sure Bettman will not make it get to that point, he will use his traditional gag order to keep his non supporters quiet. Total disgrace!
As I said (and you apparently couldn't figure out), these markets have much, much higher potential than any other markets in Canada.

But placing a poor product in non-traditional markets have not helped it to sell itself. As I said, teams in Canada have faced relocation problems before also, because they were bleeding cash. Yet, those were traditional markets.

Fact is, once they get the ball rolling, they'll get much more visibility, more appeal to corporations, more publicity opportunity, etc.

For the Balsillie point, I'm pretty sure every owner would support the NHL. Why? Because he wants to force himself into the owner's group and force the NHL to authorize the relocation, which is not legal AND is EXTREMELY selfish. He wants to put a team in the middle of 3 ****ing exploited hockey markets (Toronto, Detroit and Buffalo).

Ballsilie is the disgrace in this situation. Like most major sports league have pointed out, allowing such actions would set a dangerous precedent and let cowboy owners turn respectable leagues into zoos. But the only reason this guy gets any support is that he waives the maple leaf.

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