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10-11-2004, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Patrick - Flames Fan
#1 I am referring to the Senators forwards, as the post dicates the talk about forward positions.

BUT if you want to talk about Senators defense...

#2 The Senators defense is good but I wouldn't consider them "one of the toughest". There were 7 better teams will lower goals against. That is almost 30% of the league better than them. The Senators defense is good offensively though. Redden and Chara are excellent for points and defensively. After that there is a large drop off on the blueline. Now my question is "What is your defination of being tough"? DO the defenseman have to drop the gloves and fight? Or do they have to be solid defensively tough and no allow goals in the net?

If you refer to tough as in fighting than who on the blueline consistantly fights? Chara and redden at times) are very phsyical I will admit that and Anton and Phillips as well (but big drop off in playing ability between him and the other 2).
Phillips for being a top pick still needs to step up his game. He is the guy lagging on the team. If he fulfilled his potential the team would be that much better. Until then the Senators have 2 top defenseman and then others.

Than the Senators defense is the following:

TODD SIMPSON (6-7 dman)
GREG DE VRIES (overrated, overpaid, on the decline)

I think the Senators have an ELITE top 3 guys but what happens if just one of them gets injured? Who can fill in for them phsyically on a constant basis on a top pairing? Would I am saying is to be "one of the toughest' The Senators need better #4-7 defenseman who can fill in better when needed. Having 2 top defenseman and 1 guy who may hit it one day does not make them a top tough blueline team.

That is just my opionion, feel free to say what you want about it.
You seem to be equating "toughest" with "best" which isn't at all what I was aiming for. Guys like Volchenkov and Phillips certainly have holes in their games, but rubbing out other players isn't one of them. And all the bottom pairing guys are fairly limited gritty, stay-at-home types. If anything, the Sens weakness on D is that they don't have enough guys who can move the puck out of the zone consistently.

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