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06-16-2009, 02:48 AM
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Originally Posted by HURAKAN View Post
It isn't legal. But what I did do is open it a bit more and take a bit of the curve off. It's nearly legal now. I like the results though. Better than the last curve. I just wish the blade was stiffer.
Who cares if it's legal. I use a Saprykin which isn't legal, my Malkin is about a foot over the length requirement, and that doesn't include my custom woody which I can fit a quarter under, with room.

Just to elaborate on my previous post, and for anyone salvaging a Dolomite shaft:

Flex, and smack the stick firmly on the ground to reveal the end of the shaft/beginning of the blade (Thanks Vakar). Heat the **** out of the shaft from the end of it, to about 3" up the shaft (Where the hosel and epoxy would be). Use a heat gun, on the highest setting, and spend a good five minutes on the heating, you shouldn't be able to touch the shaft for more than a second or so. Put the blade in a vise, as close as possible to, but not touching the shaft (Figure around .25" before the shaft). Crank the vise on the blade, really squeeze it. Move the shaft around, grabbing as low as possible on it, but not too much to crack it, give it a good tug and be happy with your good as new Dolomite shaft.

That's the exact process I used at the shop on Sunday.

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