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06-16-2009, 07:54 AM
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So what if we put Homer and Lilja to LTIR for the whole next season? Let them heal totally and put them to 2 week conditioning stint right before the playoffs to the AHL. And then get them to the playoffs as the black aces WITHOUT ANY CAPHIT?

I'd give Hossa 1 year deal at Homer's salary as an LTIR replacement, and then we would look like this at the regular season:

Dats (6.7) - Zeta (6.08) - Cleary (2.8)
Mule (3.95) - Flip (3.0) - Hossa (2.25)
Leino (1.0) - Helm (598k) - Sammy (1.5)
Kopy (0.7) - Draper (1.58) - Maltby (883k)
13th (500k) - 14th (500k)

Hudler lost for offer-sheet.

Lidas (7.45) - Raffy (6.0)
Kronner (3.0) - Stuart (3.75)
Lebda (650k) - Ericsson (900k)
Meech (483k)

No need for Cheli.

Ozzie (1.41)
Howard (717k)

No need for Conklin.

56,419 million payroll. Maybe under the cap, or not.

The actual payroll is 59,919 million, but if Homer and Lilja are at LTIR the whole regular season (like Hatcher and Rathje were at Philly) they would not count against the cap.

And when the playoffs start, we take fresh Homer and Lillypads up if we really need them. Also Abdelkader, Larsson and Kindl would be those black aces.


I know this is really crazy scenario, but only one how I can fit Hossa there, and keep enought the core together and not trading any big salary.

After that 1-year deal for Hossa we negotiate an extension at january 2010 for a caphit of 5 million. Then Lidström will take a huge 5-6 million paycut to solve the cap-room problem for the 2010-11 season. Homer and Maltby will also help the cap by retirement.

This is even more crazy scenario, but still the only way how I can see Marian long-term in our team.

Maybe the easiest way is to just let him walk.

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