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10-11-2004, 03:25 PM
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Patrick Ewing did not save the NBA but nor did Bird/Magic. These two superstars were in the prime during one of the NBA's lowest eras. I agree that it was Jordan that brought the NBA front in center but during his great run the NY team was often seen as the only team that could challenge his reign. I'm not saying Ewing saved basketball or Crosby will save hockey. All I'm saying is that its good for the sport to have a top 5 player in NY. It'll take a lot more than a superstar in NY to save the sport, but it will go along way as to generating interest from new fans.

Man I just joined this board and I'm already looking like a #1 bonehead. I just hope someone out there gets my simple little point. Besides we need something a little off base to talk about here anyway...

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