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Originally Posted by FlyersJunky View Post
In the Cap Era merely giving up a player for nothing, or even losing with a kicker, is not necessarily a bad thing... The freed up money and Cap Space allows them to enter the Open Market and purchase with it.

A perfect example is Clarke having Forsberg fall in his lap and paying the Kings (IIRC) to take Roenick's salary, thus allowing the space to sign Foppa... The end result was Foppa replacing JR and a pick. The Flyers got no return to speak of from the Kings, but the net result was JR for Forsberg -- Health problems aside.

I could see Briere being let go and still being ahead with a wise use of the Cap Space... And I love Danny, BTW.
Nobody is suggesting the Flyers shouldn't move Briere. This isn't a matter of keeping Briere or accepting the lousy proposal that was suggested. There are other options.
Moving Briere in a deal that requires the Flyers to take back an average player at $3.6 million a year ...
AND swap what would likely be equal, at best, prospects ...
AND drop 14 spots in what's considered a quality draft isn't a good hockey decision or a good business decision.
By all means, deal Briere if necessary. But don't make a lose-lose-lose trade to do it. Heck, a Roenick-to-LA like deal - in which the Flyers would at least receive a full $6.5 million in cap relief - is a more palatable option than the one being suggested.

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