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06-16-2009, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Scarfo View Post
This is a point that I think shouldn't be lost. Make no mistake, I'm contending that Timonen is part of the problem - not the problem.
Again, Timonen is one of the primary reasons we're a halfway decent team right now. Not only is his contract not part of the problem, please find me a solution to the problem of not having a no. 1 D if you were to remove him and his contract from the roster.

Wade Redden: 6.5M
Brian Campbell: 7.142M
Brian Rafalski: 6M
Dan Boyle: 6.666M

The list can go on and on...Jeff friggin Finger made 3.5M last summer. If you want a no. 1 D (and you absolutely need one to be competitive in this league), you have to pay top dollar for it...and long terms. The problem with the argument you are making is two-fold. Not only is it ignoring the fact that D tend to age relatively well compared to forwards, and Timonen is one of the key players on this club. It is also ignoring the fact that you simply cannot have a no. 1 D for much less than what Timonen is making...and, for the record, I would rather have Timonen than all four of the players listed above.

I believe both deals are rotten. The potential risk of losing young prospects isn't worth the potential reward of their respective performances nearing 40. ...and, that's the only reasonable criteria with which you can judge the merits of any contract: whether the risk is worth the reward. Period.
The moment you win a stanley cup on "potential," get back to me. Hell, the moment you win a single game in the NHL based on "potential," get back to me.

Might as well stop with positive assertions of his suckitude in the future...cuz unless you have the ability to foretell the future, looking around the league its difficult to support an argument that top-flight D fall to pieces in their mid-to-late 30s.

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