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06-16-2009, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I think you need to go back and look at some of Carter's goals again...I think Hartnell's ass deserves significant credit for Carter's breakout season. Hartnell, with ease, lays down the best screens on the roster and they take advantage of them just as much at even strength as they do on the PP.
Hartnell has a nose for the net and, yes, he was instrumental in helping Carter nearly hit 50 goals. I want to see shifts where Hartnell has his ass planted in front of opposition goaltenders for more than just a few seconds, though. This line didn't take advantage of Hartnell's net presence like it could have.

This wouldn't just help Carter, though; something the Flyers lacked this season was goals from the defense. Slow Carter's line down, take advantage of the time in the offensive zone and open up lanes for the defense, as well as Carter. That's what I was referring to at even strength from Carter's line.

That being said, I do like the idea in theory of Giroux helping to slow down the pace of Carter's play...the issue would be whether Carter actually would defer puck possession some to another player. Is Carter capable of playing at that slower pace...same reason I wouldn't have a problem with Briere being on his line.
I would have liked to see Briere with Carter at one point and, if it happened this season, I wouldn't be opposed.

I don't think puck possession would be a huge issue for Carter if Giroux was on his line. We won't know unless we see it; I'd like to see them get the chance to play together.

You can stick anyone with Gagne and Richards and it will be good. That being said, remember that any significant cap move likely means Knuble is back.
True enough.

Regarding Knuble, I would have liked him to have fewer even strength minutes this past season. If the Flyers go the checking line route, Knuble would be a good fit for this season.

Additionally...the lines you go into camp with will not be the only lines you use during the course of the year.
Again, true enough. There are far too many factors to consider at this point; it's fun to speculate, though.

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