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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
Yeah guys, using my old issues of THN I thought I would compile a set of lists from the old "Future Watch" and "In The System" issues. The first "In The System issue was in 1989. In 1992 it became "Future Watch."
I hope more people read this thread, it's a great example of just what has been wrong with this club in the past for many years and you can see the change in direction.

When you look at those names from '89 to '03 and the impact those players had on the Habs, it's painful to look at. Granted after this past season there's going to be doubts and concerns among some since it was such a brutal year for the young Habs but hopefully there's a good chance they will bounce back and to what they did the previous year (although it's still a total mystery what the makeup of the roster will be next year, so it's hard to say how they will rebound if say worst case not a single UFA is signed and not trades are made (but all RFA's back) then we are likely talking about a team that will likely be in big trouble to win.

That said I got to think Pleks, Higgins, Price, and A.Kostitsyn will be fine, both Pleks and Kostitsyn have back to back 20 goal seasons, so if they can get back on track and Higgins gets back to the 20+ goal level with Price healthy and repeating what he was doing after the Huet trade, then it's a good start.

The interesting thing to me is more when Price hits his prime, with Subban and Pacioretty. At 21 and under, it's still very early in their development (granted Price is much further along) but these are the three that I have the most hope for from our system. Plus there's a number of interesting guys like McDonagh, Trunev, Kristo, Weber, Stejskal, Quailer, Maxwell, Fischer so I expect at least a couple to be impact players for the Habs down the road.

But as much as I love how the 2007 draft is shaping up, would be nice to start getting some top line talent. I know people will say you have to draft high and the Habs have had only one top 5 pick some 25 years, but we have to find a way somehow, although I do admit to being a big fan of having 4 strong lines to roll that all know and play their role to a tee.

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