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06-16-2009, 11:02 PM
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Warped blade runners?

How often do warped blade runners happen?

My new skates i am getting radiused has one runner that is warped. My friend of mine owns the shop and does the skates for the QMJHL MAINEiacs (my home town team here) and he says he surprised at how often he sees them with the team too.

So I am in there with my 2002 closeout skates Vapor 6s I just bought recently which have that hard black steel runner with the little triangles cut out etc and he shows it to me and I was like what the heck is this all about. The holders are TUUK Custom plus and are supposed to be good stuff. I've never had this problem before on a skate I have owned.

He then shows me another pair in there of the new Vapor X60 and tells me a $600 skate should not come with a warped runner. Themz Lightspeed 2 runners it had I think, didn't really look closely but assumed that is what they were. I recognized that little black logo on the runner itself.

Is this something common or what? He told me he thinks the way the holders are put on does it and that so many skates go through the factory that some get by unnoticed. I would think they have some sort of inspection system worth a hoot ... even in China.

In any case he said don't worry about it he fixes those things all the time and wouldn't charge me for it, just the radius work he is doing originally.

Not worth the hassle for a return as they are an internet buy.

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