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06-17-2009, 08:49 AM
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The bottom line, reiterated Rodier, is that Balsillie is the only person or group to submit a concrete offer for the team and that, eventually, the creditors, the NHL and its owners will reach the conclusion that the best move is to sell to Balsillie, who has offered $212.5 million US for the franchise. Basically, the "money talks" argument.

"To defy the laws of economics is like defying the laws of gravity. It can't be done," Rodier said.
Said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly: "We believe mediation of any relocation issue is entirely premature."

Even if the sale was finalized in September, Rodier said that doesn't rule out relocation before next season.

"Look at the Seattle Pilots' case where a judge, five days before a season started, said this team can relocate, and five days later they started the baseball season," Rodier said. "In each case, you have to move some equipment, and off you go."
Rodier -- get off the Pilots' precedence. Baum didn't like the reference and with TV contracts and travel plans set well in advance, There will be at least 14 teams and the league who would seek an injunction to prevent such a move.

And even if you hire 2-3 moving crews (just to un/pack) and 2-3 sets of drivers for each truck (so no stopping except for fuel), I don't see how you can even move *cross-continent* and cross-border in a week. (Imagine the hassle at the border trying to get the moving trucks through customs.)

Edit: Yeah, right... Auction 9/10. Training Camp starts circa 9/12 (for vets; rookies are usually there a week before that). No *way* a move can happen in two days.

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