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06-17-2009, 10:01 AM
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The billionaire, however, chose not to show up for a news conference called on his behalf yesterday, letting others do his speaking for him when it comes to his continued pursuit of the Phoenix Coyotes.

"His commitment remains completely unchanged," said Balsillie spokesman Bill Walker, noting his boss was busy with work as co-founder of Research in Motion on the day after a judge rejected his $212.5 million (U.S.) offer to buy and relocate the team. "He's committed to Hamilton, he's committed to Copps Coliseum.
Guess those comments/concerns about Balsillie paying too much attention to the hockey acquisition to the neglect of his "day job" must have hit home.

But the judge laid out a series of hurdles that Balsillie must overcome. First, the judge said there is nothing in antitrust law that says the bankruptcy court has the power to move the team against the wishes of the league.

And the judge also suggested that contracts the Coyotes have with the City of Glendale and the company that runs the concessions may not be broken, forcing the Coyotes to remain at the arena.
Rodier said the Balsillie camp would welcome direct negotiations with the league, especially on a relocation fee, but no talks are set. Rodier believes a fair offer on relocation is the difference between the value of a team in Hamilton minus the value of a team in Phoenix.

At one point yesterday, however, Rodier said the team in Phoenix was worthless because nobody is willing to buy it and keep it there.

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