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06-17-2009, 12:36 PM
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I have 4 bread & butter moves on my breakaways:

1.) Once you get in to about the circles, put the puck in a shooting position, don't stick handle at all, stare the goalie down - maybe throw a slight head or shoulder fake or kick the foot back - and just snap the puck to an open spot. This is what I go back to over and over again (I have a real good shot from this position) and I score on it probably 70% of the time.

2.) I come in and favor my backhand. Take the puck wide when you bring it to your backhand and keep it close when you bring it back to your forehand. Basically, if you shoot righty, you're putting the puck out far to your left, but not very far when you come back across your body to the right. Cradle the puck this way a few times and than on the last time, do the opposite - essentially "faking" as you go to the left (because the goalie is expected another wide stickhandle) and quickly bringing it across your body to the right (forehand) but going wider with it and putting it inside the post.

3.) The exact opposite of #2. Bring it wide on the forehand and keeping it close on the backhand, before switching it up and bring it wide backhand and throwing it inside the post.

4.) I come down the right wing, keeping my stickhandle on my right side instead of across my body (forward and back, rather than side to side). As I cut towards the net, I drop the puck out wide on my forehand side (same side I've been handling the puck on) and as my body cuts across the front of the net I keep my hands in a shooting position, out wide. As the goalie follows me across the net and pulls away from the post I try to shoot up to the top corner that he just vacated.

It might be hard to understand what I'm talking about in any of those because... well, it's hard to put into words what your brain does automatically in a matter of seconds. I just finished up my final year of college hockey though and have always had great success with all of those moves, especially #1 and #4.

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