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06-17-2009, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by McCrosby View Post
A big part is reading the goalie, like someone mentioned if he is out far deke, if he stays back in his net and gives you room to shoot then shoot. Before the game in warm ups and during the game keep an eye on the goalie and check for anything that he might do a lot, some goalies like to stand more, which means shoot low. Some like to go down a lot which means fake a shot and then go upstairs.

My favourite move that works a lot is the Jussi Jokinen shootout move that made him go 9 for 9 a few years back ( The first few in the youtube video). If you are a left hand shot, come down from the right of the net and when you get to just above the slot, star moving left a little, fake a shot and then quickly move as far laterally to your left as possible. If the fake shot is good it will freeze the goalie and then when you move quickly to your left laterally it opens up literally about a foot or two of net to shoot at from about 4 feet out. If you can perfect this move you are golden! Guaranteed!
fixed it for you. When using the Youtube code you only need to copy and paste the part of the URL after the "="

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