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06-17-2009, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by The Falconer View Post
Also most non-pro sticks are hollow shaft and if the blade breaks off you can cut the stick and re-insert a new bade. I had a pro stock Desbiens stick I bought at an ECHL gear sale and when the blade broke they said that the interior space was different and you can't just stick a new blade in there.
Depends on the model of the stick. Some sticks, like the Vapors, have a narrower taper on the OPS then the standard tapered blade. Some, like the S17, have a weird shape that no blade will ever fit.

But you find those issues with retail sticks too. The truth is, most pro stock sticks are nearly identical to the retail except for the custom curve. Yeah, some like the 10K are reinforced on the pro side, but they're not as common.

But any synergy, any dolo, any 10k... You can cut for a blade, or in the case of the dolo, you can pull the old blade out.

But without knowing the stick model you got I can't tell you if that's BS or not.

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