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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
One of the main problems with pain in your feet is that the blood is not circulating throughout the foot. Even though you might think your feet has blood in them and they feel like they are swollen, the cause of pain is poor blood circulation.

So, to help reduce the pain, do not tighten up the first 5 eyelets starting from the toes upward. Then start with the six eyelet to pull on the strings to tighten up the area round the ankle.

Coincidently, the bottom eyelets will tighten up a little bit. However, the stings on the bottom 5 eyelets should be loose enought so that you can move the strings with your finger from toes to ankle.

Never use a skate hook to tighten up your skates. This is sure to cut off any blood to the toes. Once you cut off circulations to the ball of your foot, you will start to feel pain in the arch like there is no support.

Try the method above before you go out and buy foot support.

Head coach
I think that worked. Skated last night, feel didn't hurt until I took the skates off( and even then, it wasn't nearly as bad as before ). Skated the full game with no problem. I just didn't lock down the laces as tight as I did before, just enough to be 'snug', but not tight. Tightened up the top 2 eyelets fairly good because I don't like my skate the wiggle or have wiggle-room.


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