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Originally Posted by Kafka View Post
The only things we can take for facts because we saw the images:

- Koivu and Rivet tried to put at their place Ribeiro and Dagenais. Was it only one episode or a hatery that became bigger as Ribeiro was improving? I don't know and wont comment about it.

- However, one thing that Koivu did and for which I think he doesn't diserve to stay with that team is a comment he made about going to play bowling instead of practicing with an ironic touch. That is something you tell your coach. You don't go in front of the camera with a comment like that. This comment was made a few days before Carbonneau was fired, and is an unacceptable comment from a captain.
Carbonneau wasn't an estranged father trying to connect with his kid, he was a coach of a ****in' hockey team which adults play on. You don't take them bowling to show that you're a nice guy, you tell them ********ers they're making millions and playing like ****, so you put them on the ****in' ice and make them skate. They lose again, they'll skate more. A coach who doesn't push, or discipline his players is a *****.

Whenever you got a bad mark in school, did your parents take you out for ice cream, or tell you to get your dumbass the **** up the stairs and study ?

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