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06-18-2009, 10:47 AM
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I'd do it in a second...

5.25M cap hit for those two... that's how you allow yourself to build a strong and consistent contender.

the 12 years seems like a lot, but let's be real here, does anyone really think there is any way in hell that the sedins stay in north america when they are 37-38-39-40 UNLESS they are still playing at a high level?

they, just like the other euro's signing these long front loaded deals, will definitely head back home at the end of their deals, BEFORE they become 3rd line fodder.

bank on it.

think about it, part of the logic in them asking for this kind of deal is so that their teams can still surround them with elite talent, giving them a chance to win every year.

these guys are competitive as heck and won't be kicking around the NHL for 1-2 million/year in 2018, 2019, 2020 just to be the swedish versions of Chelios.

take a look at naslund... he left 3M on the table at 35 years old, coming off of a relatively productive season, because he didn't want to play if he couldn't maintain his level.

the 12 years seem scary, but when you break it down, having 2 ppg players in their prime at 10.5M for the next 5-7 years, is WELL worth the risk that they do decide to stick around once their skill level drops, if it does (lthe habs were very pleased with paying a 38 year old Robert Lang 4 million for a ~50-60pts season... in 10 years from now these two guys would earn 1.25M more for potentially similar production, IF they haven't headed home yet.

is there really any doubt that salaries will surpass todays mark a decade from now?

i'm telling ya, that is a bargain deal for them...

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