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06-18-2009, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by PatientlyWaiting View Post
They are insane. They want 63 million dollars EACH?

First off, you have a serious risk - one won't play without the other. What if one of them goes down? Is it reasonable to suggest the other's production will drop significantly?

Huge pass. Let them cash in elsewhere, they aren't prolific hockey players. It's not as if Vancouver took the world by storm with the Sedins. They will never lead a team anywhere - and those contracts are insane for those type(s) of player(s).

I'm starting to agree. The term is too long.

Zetterberg, and Franzen have long terms as well, but both are proven winners. Zetterberg is a playoff workhorse who is at least twice as talented as either Sedin. Franzen has what... 30 goals in his last 30 playoff games? At least they've done something. While the Canucks have been waiting for the Sedins to do something for a decade... And they did. But they still lost in the 2nd round again. So do the Canucks want another 12 years of that?!?

Hmmm... The Swedish article says the Canucks aren't interested in 12yrs, but five.

Also, the Canucks tried to keep them around last August, but the twins didn't sign. They offered a 4yr deal back then. Now it's five.

One has to think that the Sedins might be going.

I think Gillis is looking at teams like the Rangers and shying away from long-term, low-return contracts.

Gomez and Drury were similar players, but cup winners, when they signed their Ranger deals... Now look at their problems. Even though their cap hits are a bit bigger than $5.25mil.

Forget $14mil... Even $10.5mil a season for 50 goals tops = Not worth it. Esp. down the road when we're losing Luongo, Kesler and possibly Hodgson because we've got the twins locked up forever and the cap just went way down.

The Sedins are gone unless they agree to a much shorter term. But they want a longer term. I wonder if Burke is willing to take them on in TO. That move would receive half-hearted support from their fan base.

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