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Originally Posted by AHF View Post
Most shops should have a special tool to straighten bent blades. Re-riveting would be more of an extreme scenario, in cases were the steel is extremely out of whack.
Yep my friend's shop has all that as I mentioned he does the skate repairs for the QMJHL MAINEiacs here.

Anyhew I just stopped by to pick them up and he was still working on them. He told me he had to do them twice and is doing it a third time because it took that long to figure out what was causing it. He finished while I was there but still has to radius the blades so I will stop in later this afternoon to pick them up.

To answer what was wrong with them (they were very warped by the way) he narrowed it down to ONE single rivet improperly drilled and off center throwing the whole front portion of the runner out of whack.

He repaired it by drilling a new hole in between the bad one and the next good one and popping a new rivet in there and it reset the entire holder properly. The steel itself was not warped. He then replaced the rivet in the bad hole after the holder was reset and then it did not move the whole thing again because of the new hole.

He said it was a trick he learned at a trade show a few years ago at a booth for skate shop equipment repair stuff.

He left the heel riveted by the way and just redid the front part that was messed up at the factory.

So good as new and not a big deal. he is a friend of mine and isn't charging me for the work I just will pay for the radius work. He's a good guy by the way and knows his business, he remarked on how often the Junior players for the MAINEiacs have to have this sort of thing done. It is crazy that there isn't better inspection before leaving the factory. I mean I could understand on recreational skates but he showed me those $600 X60 skates with the same problem though not as dramatic.

I'll say it again ... NUTS!

Originally Posted by DAstles91 View Post
I bought Vapor 10's in 1998, still have them today and Ive been through 2 sets of runners. On the original runner (the one with the little triangles) it became warped after about 15-20 games so i had to get them replaced. Its not a big issue as I didnt really notice a difference on the ice but I definitely got them changed the second i noticed it.
Yep I have the Vapor 6's from 2002-03 and they have those runners. Black with the little triangles cut out right?

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