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06-18-2009, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
Eklund's Nashville source is either a flagrant moron, or Mark Howard. Or possibly both.

NONE of Nashville's defense prospects are going to be able to provide the impact that Weber and Suter provide. NONE of them. Blum might be at Suter's level in three years, but not now. We are running thin on defense prospects as it is and absolutely CANNOT afford to give up Weber and/or Suter for Tavares because it handcuffs our defensive depth. I am totally, absolutely, completely and utterly against the notion of this trade.

Besides that, it's my personal opinion that Tavares should go somewhere where he can play center, because it's his natural position. That place is not Nashville.
Wait what? who are you?? fan...of the Predators? From Kentucky?! Blasphemy! such things don't exist.

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