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06-19-2009, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by 190Octane View Post
This move is money.. if I'm coming down the left wing on a breakaway (I'm left handed) I do this pretty much every time. The goalie has to start going to the center with you because if they don't you just pull it backhand and slide it right by them. If you can pick that corner with a quick snap shot, you'll have a very high shooting percentage with this move.

If you notice what Jussi Jokinen did on all those moves, he changed his shooting angle causing the goalie to move which opened up a bunch of holes. When dealing with goalies (especially butterfly goalies) the key is to get them to move and give yourself some holes to shoot at.
This is exactly right. He HAS to separate from the post to follow you across or you're going to have an easy backhand on the far post. A good goalie can change the equation with a pokecheck, but even so, he still needs to leave the near post. With quick hands and a good shot you can always go back up to that corner. If he doesn't separate, like you said, you bring it across for the open backhand and what I do in the case that I can't pull him off the post enough or he starts to get the pokecheck out is TRY to jam the breaks, fake like I was bringing it across to the backhand and just slide it low on the near side instead of continuing my cut to the other post.

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