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06-20-2009, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Ballard4Prez View Post
Is what it is... from watching Roch games, looking at production and watching no progression in Training Camp for 5 years...

Is what it is, we dealt a prospect we weren't going to qualify and Phoenix gave up somebody they were going to lose for nothing for a good AHL role player, nothing more...

can we just add the bolded comment to the title so we can end the ignorant posts about the Coyotes losing something in this deal.

I'm waiting for someone to say it would have been better if the Coyotes just let Rhino walk for nothing.

I'm kinda surprised Rhino got 3 years $6M, but I guess Florida is paying him to be their 2nd line center, which is somewhat disappointing if I was a Panther fan.

I think Prucha at half the cost is a better player, and a better fit as a player which is a cut below a top 6 forward which is how I would describe Rhino at this point in his career.

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