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06-20-2009, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by There's only one 66 View Post
Hey, I think you should keep him . It sounds like you want to.
I'm saying the Pittsburgh Penguins should not be the ones to make this gamble on a player who - most likely - on the strength of what he has shown for three years now, is a bottom six player.
Fair enough. I want to keep Eaves, but more likely is that Rutherford makes some dumb trade to free up salary so he can sign some declining joke of a hockey player like Erik Cole. Either that or he trades him for a "physical defenseman" that can't skate.

Yes - but this is with the qualification that we already have a third line. Dupuis has been a third liner all his career. Not a fourth liner. But he plays for a team that has gone to two straight Stanley Cup finals and have better players. Cooke-Staal-Kennedy has been great, and Talbot is another player who is just more important for us than him. In many other teams Dupuis is a fine third liner. Don't forget he has scored 20 goals before as well - with Lemaire in Minnesota.
Dupuis played most of the season prior to the Kunitz trade on the first line - not the fourth - and still did basically nothing....then went 0-0-0 in 16 playoff games. Even Eaves managed to actually score a goal in the playoffs. When someone only hits 28 points playing large portions of the season with Sidney Crosby, I wouldn't call them a Top 9 player. Andy Hilbert managed a better production rate than that.

Dupuis' 20 goal/48 point season will never be repeated unless he plays for a team with horrific wing depth that can give him absurd amounts of ice time (his next best season is 28 points). He averaged 17:30 game that season and had 13 PP points. Compare that to Eaves' career high of 12:46/game and 6 PP points. You can say that Eaves hasn't produced more than at a third-line rate in the past two (or three) years, but he's also never received more than third-line ice time. Dupuis, on the other hand, has pretty consistently seen 15+ minutes a game through out his career.

Dupuis is fourth liner who has seen tons of ice time on mostly bad teams (the Penguins obviously do not qualify as one), thus boosting his points up to ~25 a season. Give any decent hockey player 15+ minutes a game and they can do that. Zigomanis and Adams have come close to doing so.

Because we need the cap space to sign the players we REALLY need. For instance - signing Fedotenko for around 2.5 per. That's difficult for us.
If we sign Eaves, then we have to try and force him into a top 6 spot and see if there's magic, and recent history speaks against it. Otherwise he would be playing bottom six in positions where we already have better players for the NEEDED jobs - or at least could sign them, cheaper (Zigomanis/Adams). A replica of the Dupuis situation. Why replicate a problem?
I hope you are able to unload Dupuis' contract with no money coming back, but I just don't see it happening unless the Penguins compensate the other team with a draft pick of some sort.

We have players like Tangradi, Pesonen and Caputi in the minors now who. We have at least four players who are legit options for the fourth line in WBS. There's a reason WBS went to the Calder finals last year, and lost to the Calder winners in 7 this season.
Good. I wish the Hurricanes had players in the minors like that in '06. Once again I am not predicting a downfall for the Penguins....they have a better core than the Hurricanes did, a much better prospect pool (the Hurricanes were #2 in prospect rankings at the time, but Ward/Ladd/Johnson/Babchuk were still considered "prospects" by HF standards so that inflated the ranking), and are willing to spend close to the cap. I just think they could use maybe one more scoring winger depending on who gets re-signed. Who knows, though, maybe they won't need anybody.

Yeah - we only won the Stanley Cup with Talbot on the second line and him scoring both goals in the final. But personally I would rather have Tyler Kennedy there because he has much more offensive talent... I don't think many non-Pens know how good he actually is - at 22 years of age. If not for injury, he could have had 50 points from the third line this season.
As a Hurricane fan who has witnessed two Cup finals appearances followed by garbage seasons, I know all about playoff heroes who fall flat on their faces the next season. There were about a half dozen of them, most of whom were given ridiculous long term contracts that are either still crippling the team (we are seriously paying Frantisek Kaberle $2.2M) or did so for years.

I wouldn't trust Talbot in the Top 6, regardless of his fantastic playoff performance. Tyler Kennedy is a whole different story---I could easily see him potting 50 points the next season if given proper ice time. He's a viable top 6 option.

Ultimately however, I am not saying that he is a world beater or star. We are going to have to play border line top 6 talent next to both Sid and Malkin always. Because that is the only way we can have both. Seems a pretty successful strategy so far.

I hope for you guys he pans out. Don't know what else to say.
And I just wrote several paragraphs about Patrick Eaves, so I think I'm going to stop.

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