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06-20-2009, 02:22 PM
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I'll admit I kind of just jumped to the last page on this one just to see what was still being said about this rumor and it seems mostly that Leafs fans want more for Kaberle and while I don't disagree with what you think is fair for Kaberle because he is a very good player I don't think you are considering the Wild's side of the equation and why would they do this? They aren't one upgrade from Zidlicky to Kaberle away from winning the cup. In fact overall I don't think we become better than maybe one or two teams by making that upgrade and if we don't become significantly better (and we don't) why would we trade our best trading piece this offseason to do this? Harding will be shipped but for picks and prospects because we only have 1 legit prospect right now (Cuma) and only 1 pick in the first three rounds this draft. We need to re-stock, not upgrade one defenseman. If the Leafs like Harding then they need to come up with a picks and prospects offer not Kaberle (although if you want to swap Zidlicky for Kaberle straight up then where do I sign).

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